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A Son of Anxiety C.I.C.

Day Passes £5.00

Membership from £20.00 per month

A private and growing garage gym & outdoor yard space for pre-arranged events training and/or as part of a group. Specific days/times available. Get in touch to discuss attending and for full address details.
Choose one of the following options;
£5 per session
£20 per month
£100 per 6 months
£180 per 12 months

Note - these are club membership prices to become part of A Son of Anxiety C.I.C, not gym membership prices. Club Membership includes access to the sessions. 

Cost effective group training, usually Tuesday and Thursday 5.30pm & Saturday 9am-11am. Access currently available if training as part of the group sessions, no private individual access at present, sorry!

32mm 2" plates 7ft oly bar
28mm bar, 2" plates Big Jim 7ft oly bar
27mm Cerberus deadlift bar
Car deadlift frame
60mm Axle
34kg Rogue Log

40kg "Wildwood Spoons" one-off unique Wooden Log

Farmers handles (and frame attachments)
Yoke (built specifically for stone over, but can be walked with)
Atlas stones, 30-140kg (currently missing 130kg)
Loading platform 4-5ft heights available in 2" increments
2 x drop pads / rubber flooring
400kg+ weight; bumpers and iron
Vehicle pull harness
Squat stands/bench rack
BLK BOX bench
30, 50, 60, 75, 100, 110 & 130kg sandbags
10, 12, 14, 17kg throwing bags
Small selection of dumbbells, 3kg, 22.5, 25 and 27kg pairs
Heavy, fabricated pair of steel dumbbells. Weight unknown, guess 30kg+
Unusual and awkward concrete blocks with handles, weight unknown, guess 60kg+ each





Fish Tank, Wantage, Oxfordshire, ox12

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