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My story so far - Andrew

As a child I grew up quite overweight and eventually wanted to do something about it, I started with going to the small sports centre gym, very quickly enjoyed it and the confidence that loosing weight gave me. Then I moved over to "pure gym" to have more variety and better strength equipment. I spent a few years in and out the gym making some progress but with no real goal in mind.

I always had thoughts of doing strongman and always watched the videos from Luke and Tom Stoltman, Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw, but never acted on them because i am asthmatic and see the size of them and felt like I had no chance , after being repeatedly encouraged to go try it and eventually building up the confidence to go into a gym like that I went to Free Fit in Paisley where the owner at the time Pieter Eisenbach took me and showed me the equipment and technique.

 I very quickly loved doing the log press and it still is my favourite to this day. After a couple months training Pieter suggested signing up for "Paisley's Strongest" which was run by the gym every year. He offered to coach and help me to get ready for it. It was hard squeezing real training in with my long hours in work (I'm a chef) but I got there. 

On the day l felt that I did well for my first competition the atmosphere was great! Everyone cheering each other on and helping each other - I even managed to have fun even though I went myself and since that day I have been hooked.

Being stuck with no gyms because of Covid and loosing a lot of progress has given me fuel to pursue strongman further.

I joined Hostile Strength and Conditioning and got signed up for another competition that I found here on Strength Register, "Manimal Monsters" in February 2022.

After struggling primarily with deadlift training I tried to find coaching and found a coach and after numerous sessions I went down, I had a good time and I got 7th. I went on to compet  in "Goliath's Battle of the Strongest" in April 2022 which I placed unfortunately 2nd last

I have now moved on with different coaching now from Martin lennox for little over a year now, I have made tremendous progress and have become fitter and stronger than I have ever been in my life even my notoriously weak deadlift has came leaps and bounds 


 I have also now went on and won "the units strongest 2023" on the 26th of August in ashington and aultough going down to compete on my own it was still a great atmosphere and everyone supporting everyone even myself (the only Scotsman in the competition) 

I now have eyes set on top 10 in "scotlands strongest novice" on the 18th November 2023 (came 8th)


And now also have got my first step up to intermediate level competition next year at "liverpools strongest" on the 11th of May 2024 and looking forward to the new events to learn and try including my first experience with truck pushing/pulling 

For anyone thinking about starting, dive into it, ask questions, ask for help, everyone will help and support you one way or another, the big guys aren't as scary as they look and they won't eat you ?

Instagram: @Murraystrong_96 

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