Competition Pathways

Strongman is evolving, and so are the pathways to compete. Here we try to simplify what pathways exist to work your way through strongman.

If you feel we have missed a pathway, or the description is incorrect, get in touch with us.

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Britains Natural Strongman Federation (BNSF)
Natural Strongman leading to WHEA World Championship.  Men's & Women's weight classes, Masters and Opens.
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English & British Men's Pro Show
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English & British Women's Pro Show
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European Pro Strongman
A new European take on the PSL for 2024
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Giant's Live
Arena tour, the route to the World's Strongest Man
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Natural Strongman World Championship
Become a natural strongman World Champion, Men's & Women's weight classes, Masters and Opens.
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Northern Amateur Womans League (NAWL)
A new league set up for Amateur Women in 2023, compete in Beginners, Novice, Intermediate
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Official Strongman
The route to the Official Strongman Games to become a world champion, and for Mens Open athletes to the Giant's Live circuit
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Professional Strongman League (PSL)
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Static Monsters Worldwide
Worldwide Log and Deadlift Championship.  Men's & Women's weight classes, Masters, Opens and Adaptive Classes.
Strongman Champions League (SCL)
Strongman World Series, 16 competitions all over the world. Men's Open.
UK Natural Strongman (UKNS)
Formed in 2021 to find the UK Natural Champion, which leads to the Natural Strongman World Championship
UK u105kg
Become the UK 105kg champion
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UK u120kg
Run by Ben Joyce and 3D Strength
UK u90kg
Become a UK u90kg chamption
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UK u90kg Iron Freaks
A new Men's u90kg league set up by Iron Freaks in 2023
UKSA Ultimate Strongman
Work to become UK's Strongest Man or Woman, Opens level competition
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World Heavy Events Association (WHEA)
Become a natural strongman World Champion
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World's Strongest Man
Become the World's Strongest Man

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