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What can I do on Strength Register?

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Welcome to Strength Register

We love strongman. Strength Register is our way of helping people find out more about strongman, to help grow participants and the audience. Searching and listing on Strength Register will always be free.


  • Search for competitions - we aim to list competitions throughout the UK and Ireland, with listings created by promoters and by ourselves when we see new competitions across the internet and social media. You can refine your search by a number of filters, and if you would like to search near you, you can add a search term prefixed 'near' in the search box. E.g. "novice near Reading" or "novice near RG6 6BU" add "within 10miles" to search within a radius of the location. We are always working to improve search, so things may change over time. You may also view competitions on a Calendar, or on a Map if you prefer.
    Search for competitions
  • Search for gyms - we have compiled a great list of the strongman gyms across the UK and Ireland, it began from our competition listings and the detail of the listing grows over time as gym owners claim their listings and add detail. You can search by location, using the 'near' keyword similar to competitions, or you can view the gyms on a Map.
  • Search for coaches - coaches have been adding themselves to our listings for the last couple of years. There's a good breadth of coaches, in experience and budget. Coaching is a very personal endeavour and these listings aim to get you started in finding the right coach for you. Some offer online coaching only, and others in person, or both. Take your time reviewing the coaches, look at their social media and get in touch to see if you can work together. Search by location in a similar way to competitions and gyms, and also view on a Map.
  • Save competitions you are interested in - once you are logged in, tap the star on a competition listing to add it to your favourites. View them at any time in your 'backstage' area for favourites. There is also a function to automatically add these to your calendar (on your phone for example). Search your favourites, and also mark whether you are competing, or spectating.
    Manage your favourites
  • Link with your coach - share your favourite competitions that you are competing at with your coach. Add them by email, and they will be able to view your schedule and add it to their calendar too.
  • You can view our articles and write articles for the community. We'll check articles over before they are published. 
  • Watch videos of past competitions, view livestreams and find recommended YouTube videos. We provide a catalogue of past competitions videos, we add them when we find them, but you (and promoters) are able to add links to strength register. (We will review them before they go live). You can also recommend additional YouTube channels. 
  • We also sell sandbags and accessories, income from these helps to fund the site. Browse our shop to see more.
  • Learn more about competition pathways to reach the next level in competition (recently added).
  • Currently in Beta: some competitions may offer the ability to buy entries or spectator tickets through Strength Register.


  • Add your competitions to our database - registering is free, listing is free. You can list lots of information for free, and update it at any time. Add full details in a long description, and share the dates, location, categories, fees and link to other marketing sources you use (Facebook, Instagram, websites). 
  • You can manage your list of competitors
  • Add sponsors and their logos to your competition pages
  • Share your results (either as images, or as a link) on your competition pages
  • Currently in Beta: you can sell entries and spectator tickets through Strength Register (get in touch to find out more).
  • Manage your own promoter page, with contact details, additional information and competition listings.
  • Manage multiple promoter accounts from a single user account, if needed.
  • View statistics of how regularly your competition listings are seen on listings, pages viewed and links followed.
    Manage your competitions


  • List your coaching business with us, for free.
  • Share details of your accreditations, the services you provide and the general area/location your work in.
  • Add some further information to describe what you do and indicative pricing. 
  • Provide contact details an social media links.
  • View stats on impressions in listings and views of your coaching page.
  • Link with your clients in the "backstage" area to view their competition diary and add them to your diary with an iCal link.

Client Schedule

Gym Owners

  • List your gym with us, for free OR Create an account and claim an existing listing. 
  • Provide your location, a general description, details of classes and the equipment you have.
  • The more gyms list equipment, the better searching becomes as people will be able to find gyms with specific equipment.
  • Add indicative pricing for memberships and day-passes.
  • View stats on how often your listing is seen in listings and your page is visited.
  • More to come in the future.

Map of Gyms

Fans and Spectators

  • Search for competitions - find competitions near you that allow spectators (most do) and head down to watch up and coming strongmen and strongwomen in amateur competitions, or visit the closest pro strongman show. We try to list all of them.
  • Watch past competitions in our shared videos, and consume more strongman content on the recommended Youtube channels.
  • Watch livestream from the Watch page as well, when competitions list their live stream, details will appear here on competition day(s).
  • Currently in Beta: some competitions may offer the ability to spectator tickets through Strength Register.

Strength Register is constantly evolving so new features may appear in the future, and we'll write about them in the Articles. If you have an idea you want us to explore, would like help navigating or using the website or anything else, please get in touch, we'd love to help.

Strength Register is a free resource for Strongman and Strongwoman

Our listings are updated by competition organisers and promoters, gyms owners and coaches that sign up to the site and provide their information. This is supplemented by us following social media and scouring the internet.

It's free to register and list a competition, gym or coach. Or, if you know of one that's missing, please let us know by email, Instagram or Facebook. Found a listing that needs more detail? Tell the owner about us so they can add it.

We are self funded and generate income from our shop sales and site sponsorship. We use this to cover costs for running the site and to give back to the sport by sponsoring competitions. Want to sponsor us? Get in touch using the details above.

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