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At ALFitness we have a large range of fitness products to suit all disciplines. Whether you are looking to improve your static strength, your mobility, your flexibility or simply looking to get active we have you covered. 

Being a part of ALFitness, is like being a part of your very own fitness family. 

Members of all ages, and ability are welcome.

* Available on request.

Strongman / Strongwoman specific.

* Strength Register Sandbags 20kg - 130kg

* Atlas stones 40kg - 150kg

* Mirafit 10" Log x 2 32kg

* Strength Shop Log 13" 50kg x 2

*Throwing bags

*Yokes x 2

*110kg husafel stone & 90kg husafel sandbag

*Stone platform

*Farmers handles (2 pairs) can be bolted in to frames. 

*Saxon bar & various grip toys!

*Circus dumbbells, 20,26,28,31,42,53kg

*Loadable monster dumbbell 30kh empty, 9"

Strength Training.

* Strength Shop Squat Rack

* Axle Barbells

* Standard barbells

* SSB Bar

* Hex dumbbells from 1kg - 25kg

*Loadable dumbbell handles

* Slam balls from 3kg - 40kg

* Wallballs 3kg - 10kg

* Kettlebells from 4kg - 32kg

* And much more!


* Multi-gym cable pulley machine

* Ski Erg

*Assault bike

* Rowing Machine

* RDX Punchbag

* Battle ropes




+44 7557 675474

AL Fitness, Gym @ Woodford Lodge, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV10 0RX

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