WHEN- 6TH JULY 2024 (1920 x 1080 px)

Conquer the Castle 2024

Entries closed  

Men: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3
Women: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3

Scarborough Rugby Club, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO13 0NL

£40.00 per competitor

Conquer the Castle returns to Scarborough Rugby Union Football Club!

Spectators £5.00


Conquer the castle 24 

When - 6th July 2024

Where- Barons Fitness, Scarborough Rugby Union football club, Scalby, Scarborough, YO130NL

What- Strongman/Strongwoman competition 

Event 1 - Axle press (FTOH) reps in 60seconds 

Mens Class 1- 75kg,     Mens Class 2- 95kg,   Mens Class 3- 115kg

Female Class 1- 30kg   Female Class 2- 40kg,  Female Class 3- 50kg 

Event 2- Stiff bar Deadlift reps in 60 seconds 

Mens Class 1- 170kg,     Mens Class 2- 200kg,   Mens Class 3- 250kg

Female Class 1- 60kg   Female Class 2- 80kg,  Female Class 3- 110kg 

Event 3- Sandbag into farmers. (15m with sandbag, drop and run back for farmers 15m, drop and repeat returning sandbags and then farmers) total of 30m for each implement)

Men's Class 1- 80kg,80kg PH     Men's Class 2- 100kg, 100kg PH   Men's Class 3- 120kg, 120kgPH

Female Class 1- 40kg,40kg PH   Female Class 2- 50kg,50kg PH  Female Class 3- 60kg, 60kg PH 

Event 4- Yoke Zercher carry. 15/15m (drop and turn)

Mens Class 1- 150kg,     Mens Class 2- 180kg,   Mens Class 3- 220kg

Female Class 1- 100kg   Female Class 2- 120kg,  Female Class 3- 140kg 

Event 5- Sandbag to shoulder, reps in 60 seconds 

Mens Class 1- 80kg,     Mens Class 2- 100kg,   Mens Class 3- 120kg

Female Class 1- 40kg   Female Class 2- 50kg,  Female Class 3- 60kg 

The classes will be run in 3 different ability levels. These levels aren't worked off experience level but are categorised in ability levels. When selecting the category you are to ask yourself "Are these weights achievable and within my capabilities of achieving" 

To enter please either...

Email- [email protected]

Whatsapp/Text- Dave 07545627385

Please note, By signing up to this competition you are accepting all  liability for any personal injury muscular or skeletal, permanent paralysis, possible impairment, Illness or death that may occur from participating in the high risk sport of strongman and therefore you will ensure relevant personal cover for sporting events of this sort. Barons Fitness and associated parties will have no liability for any personal injuries illnesses or deaths that may occur whilst participating in the Conquer the castle event. By paying entry for the competition, you acknowledge that the weights and events involved in the chosen class are all within your own abilities and that if you are not of good health and physical state then you should not take part in the competition on the day. 

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