HCTG - Instagram Full Strength League

Here Come The Girls - Strength League! (All Three Events)

run by Buds Fitness


Women: Novice, Masters 40+ Open, u73kg, o73kg

£90.00 For all three

You can enter each event individually for £40 each



This event page is to advertise the full Here Come The Girls, Strength League. 

Below is are the links through to the information of each event individually plus a link of where to enter.  All three events will have the same categories, and expected weights will be on the specific event page.

Categories for Here Come The Girls' - Strength League:

  • Novice
  • Masters
  • Under 73kg
  • Over 73kg

You can enter all three for £90, or pay £40 for individual events if you are unsure whether you will be able to attend all three. 

First event at AL Fitness, Atherstone. Sunday 7th April 2024.

Event 1: Log
Event 2: Elevated Axle deadlift
Event 3: Sandbag Steeplechase
Event 4: Fatback Farmers
Event 5: Powerstairs!

Further event details here: https://strengthregister.com/competition/here-come-the-girls-leg-1-2024

Enter this event here: https://calendly.com/budsfitness/atherstone-here-come-the-girls-1

Second event at Buds Fitness, Sawtry. Sunday 16th June 2024.

Event 1: Deadlifts For Reps
Event 2: Max Axle Overhead
Event 3: Tyre Flip for reps
Event 4: Mystery Grip Event
Event 5: Sandbag To Shoulder

Further event details here: https://strengthregister.com/competition/here-come-the-girls-sawtry-2024

Enter this event here: https://calendly.com/budsfitness/sawtry-here-come-the-girls-2?month=2024-06

Third event at Nova Performance, St. Ives, Sunday 8th September 2024.

Event 1: Max Deadlift
Event 2: Axle Floor To Overhead
Event 3: Truckpull
Event 4: Mystery Moving Event
Event 5: Throwing Bag Run
Event 6: Stone To Shoulder For Reps.

Further event details here: https://strengthregister.com/competition/here-come-the-girls-strength-league-2024

Enter this event here: https://calendly.com/budsfitness/st-ives-here-comes-the-girls-3?month=2024-09

Pay for all three here: https://www.budsfitness.co.uk/event/here-come-the-girls/here-come-the-girl-strength-league/

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